7-28-2017 Information Update

The migration of Cabrillo College's email system to Google will be starting on August 11th, 2017 at 5:00 pm.  With two weeks until the migration of the email system.  Here are some resources to assist you with preparations.

Things to know
  • No more small email quotas!
  • Your new Google mailbox will begin receiving new emails immediately and can be used to send and receive emails on Aug 11th
  • Your email address will not change
    • Your alias will not change
    • Your password will not change
    • Your email registrations with other systems will not change
  • Your list serves will be recreated in Google groups and only include active employees
    • IT will be reaching out to list serve owners to ensure your groups are created and functioning properly
  • Your emails that are on the Cabrillo server will be automatically migrated over to your new Google mailbox
    • If you have local folders that you created due to storage issues you may re-upload your emails to the Cabrillo server so they can be migrated.
    • If you need assistance please contact IT via email or at 477-5282.
  • Access to mail.cabrillo.edu will not change, it will take you to your new Google mailbox
  • If you select to access your Cabrillo mail on your mobile device, minimum device settings will be required
    • Device must have a screen lock when unattended
    • Device must be encrypted
Things to do now
  • Cabrillo IT will not ask for your username or password during the migration
  • New to Google?  You can learn all about it here!
Things to do on August 11th
  • All users will continue to be able to access webmail interface at mail.cabrillo.edu
  • Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook, or any other POP or IMAP client will not be supported after the migration. You will need to use the google mail web interface.
    • Re-upload any archived emails that you would like to be automatically migrated during the Aug 11th cutover.
    • Import your previous contacts
    • Recreate any incoming mail rules in Google mailbox
  • Mobile users will need to setup their gmail app with their cabrillo.edu account.
Things to do after migration
  • Flex event to be held on August 23
  • Open lab hours TBD
  • Import older mail that you had archived off, into your Cabrillo Google mail account
Where to find help?
  • Google videos and documentation can be found here!
  • IT Help Desk or please contact IT via email or at 477-5282
  • TLC