Migrating Local Folders from Outlook

Determine if you have local folders

The first step you will need to take is to determine if you are currently using any local folders with outlook.  In the screenshot below, the Outlook Data File and Old Mail folders are local folders and if any emails were in them they would need to be uploaded back to the example@cabrillo.edu user's folder for email migration.

Determine if you have local folders

Find the amount of space being used and contact IT

If you have local folders, you will need to contact IT at google-migration@cabrillo.edu and inform us on how much space you will be needing.  To see the amount of space that your local folders are using right click on the local folder and select Data File Properties
Local folder properties

Click on Folder Size...
Folder Size

The size of the folder that is underlined in red is the folder size that you will need to let IT know you will need your quote to be increased by.
Total Folder Size

Copy local folders

To upload any old email message right click on the folder and select Copy Folder
Copy folder

Select the target folder that is within the cabrillo.edu email account, and click OK
Select destination folder

When the copy has completed the folder and emails that were selected will appear under the previously selected folder.
Copy Completed