Migrating Local Folders from Thunderbird

Determine if you have local folders

The first step you will need to take is to determine if you are currently using any local folders with Thunderbird.  In the screenshot below, if you have mailboxes folders under Local Folders, then you have local folders that will need to be moved up to your email account.

Local Folders

Find the amount of space being used and contact IT

If you have local folders, you will need to contact IT at google-migration@cabrillo.edu and inform us on how much space you will be needing.

Copy local folders

To upload your Local Folder (called: mailboxes), select (one-at-a-time) each mailbox and drag-up to your to your email address… AND release on your email address!
Click on local folder

Drag to email account

Please NOTE:

Once you have successfully copied your mailboxes under the Local Folder, you will still notice your local mailboxes are still under the Local Folders. This is because you copied them! Now you can delete by right-clicking and select Delete!

Completed folder listing