Elmo FAQs and Quick tips

As the Elmos are still relatively new for the college, the IT department is also in the process of learning about them. If you or one of your colleagues discovers a new handy trick for an Elmo, or discovers something difficult, please do not hesitate to let the HelpDesk know:
  • Email us: ithelp@cabrillo.edu
  • Call us: 479-6392 or ext6392
  • My classroom has a projector AND an Elmo but it's only displaying the Elmo, how do I change the projection to the computer screen? The Smart Box controls aren't doing anything!
    • On the bottom of the Elmo there will be a series of buttons. On the left of the base is a plus-sign shaped cluster of buttons. 
    • Press the left hand  button with a small icon of a computer. 
    • If the projection does not change, please call the HelpDesk (ext6392)