Cabrillo Email Quotas: What a Quota Actually is and How to Temporarily Adjust your Storage

posted Jun 13, 2012, 10:39 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 17, 2014, 11:17 AM by Unknown user ]
If your account is giving you an "Over Quota" message, there is a quick fix to temporarily give yourself more space.
  1. Log into Correo Mail.
  2. Click "Mailboxes" in the top green bar.
  3. Click "Sent."
  4. Select all Sent messages and click "Delete."
  5. Go back to Mailboxes.
  6. Click "Empty Trash."

Once you have emptied your trash within Correo, go back into your mail client and go through the same process. Delete all messages in "Sent," then empty your trash. 

After taking these steps, please read below and call the IT Help Desk (ext 6392) to request your account be given more space.

To avoid this issue again, change your trash management settings.

How to immediately delete your trash using the Correo Web Client:

  1. Log in to Correo
  2. Go to “Settings”
  3. Find the “Trash Management” drop down menu
  4. Change “Mark” to “Immediately”

    Now the emails will be removed from Correo immediately upon hitting the delete button. After sufficient space has been cleared, you’ll probably want to set the “Trash Management” setting back to “Mark” or “Move to Trash” so that files may be retrieved once more after they have been deleted.   The difference between “Mark” and “Move to Trash” is that “Mark” will put a mark of some kind (cross through, red “X”, etc) to show that those emails are marked for deletion and will be deleted later.  “Move to Trash,” on the other hand, will immediately move the emails into the “Trash” folder when they are deleted. Which method you use is entirely your preference.

What are Quotas and why do we have them?
    Cabrillo’s email system employs quotas in order to provide boundaries to the amount of storage space available to each email account.  Cabrillo’s network storage is limited, and as such, there is a need to regulate the amount of space that the email system uses of that network storage.  The quota and its alerts are mainly there to serve as a means to draw the user’s attention to the fact that they may have unwittingly accumulated a large amount of unneeded emails.  If the user finds that even after removing extraneous files they still are in need of space, the IT department does offer custom increases to email quotas by phone or email.  In short, if a user is getting these alerts, it would be prudent to clean out old emails especially those in “Trash” and “Sent” folders, and emails with large attachments. Instructions on how to achieve this are above. If afterward they still need space, simply ask the IT department for more (ext 6392). 

But Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc gives us all this storage, why doesn’t Cabrillo email?

    Cabrillo’s email system relies on the network storage space available to Cabrillo itself. Network storage space has a cost that isn’t comparable to storage space you would buy for a computer, without even factoring in the extra time required of Cabrillo’s staff to manage such space.  As an educational institution, Cabrillo does not make the same profit from its email system that other email programs do from advertisers, which allows them to give their users higher storage limits.
    The IT department does periodically raise quotas across campus in an attempt to meet the growing storage needs of Cabrillo’s staff and faculty.  However, users that have a customized quota size will not be set at the same quota limit when IT raises Cabrillo’s quotas as a whole. 

Ok. So I’m over my Quota, but I can’t delete any emails!

    When a user is over quota they may have trouble because of the default setting in most mail clients (ie: Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, Correo Web Mail, etc) for deleting emails.  When your email client is told to delete emails from a folder, it first copies those emails to the trash folder, and then removes them from the original folder.  However, if there isn’t enough space left for the copies that are being sent to the trash, then your email client won’t be able to delete the emails and will display an error.  The reason that it does not delete them from your email client immediately is so that you have a chance to review them one last time before deleting them permanently.  
    However, you can change the way your email client behaves.  Just go into your email client’s settings and tell it to delete the emails immediately, instead of keeping them in the trash folder.  The instructions to do this are above.