iPhone Email

About Cabrillo College secure email on your iPhone or iPad

This information is intended to help you configure Cabrillo college secure email on your iPhone. We do not provide support for configuring email on your iPhone. However, we have provided resources here to help you configure your email account on your own.

Setting up your iPhone/iPad email

Setting up your iPhone email account includes:
  • collecting the configuration information that you need for your cabrillo.edu account.
    NOTE: The configuration information is available on this page
  • learning how to configure email on your make and model of iPhone/iPad.
  • configuring your iPhone/iPad for email access to your cabrillo.edu account.
List of configuration information that you need for your cabrillo.edu account

The list of configuration information that you need to configure your cabrillo.edu account on the iPhone includes:

IMAP Account Information

  • Name: Your name
  • Address: your cabrillo email address
  • Description: your cabrillo email address

Incoming Mail Server

  • Incoming mail server hostname: mail.cabrillo.edu
  • user name: your Cabrillo College username
  • password: your Cabrillo College password

Outgoing Mail Server

  • host name: mail.cabrillo.edu
  • username: your Cabrillo College username
  • account password: the password you use for your Cabrillo College account
  • Use SSL: On
  • Authentication: Password
  • Server Port: 25


  • Use SSL: On
  • Authentication: Password
  • IMAP Path Prefix: /
  • Server Port: 993 

How to configure your iPhone/iPad for IMAP

From your device's Home Screen, Choose Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account.

1. Tap "Mail"
2. Select "Other" as your mail account type
3. Enter your account information
4. Click "Next"
5. Continue through remaining dialogs, adding the configuration information listed above.
TIP: For more detailed help, watch the video below.

List of resources to help you learn about configuring your iPhone

  • The video below is from the "for dummies" video series on-line. You'll want to configure an IMAP account.

Setting up IMAP email on an iPhone

Setting up IMAP email on your iPad