Web Orientation and Information

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Publishing with Dreamweaver and Contribute

Cabrillo supports two editing programs: Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Contribute. Dreamweaver is useful for developing multi-page websites. Dreamweaver is moderate cost, challenging to use, and requires considerable training investment. Contribute is useful for simple maintenance of department web material. Contribute is low cost, easy to use, and requires little training investment. Contribute does not require you to remember passwords or configuration settings.

Although you can use other editors to create content for your site, we do not support other editors.

List of facts about web resources on campus

  • Publishers should maintain and archive their own backups. IT also backs up the webserver and can schedule restoration to an earlier version should it become necessary.
  • Cabrillo personal webspaces provide lots of storage space.. If you need to distribute more material than will fit in your webspace, consider burning the material to DVD and providing that to your audience.
  • Our web server does not support HTTP-put, Front Page Extensions, Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages, and Java Servlets. If you do not know what all that means, then it probably will not affect you.
  • Cabrillo does not provide facilities to host your own relational database. Ask the Web Administrator for web host recommendations. If you are not a developer yourself, we can help you think through your needs.
  • For security reasons, you cannot use your browser to view the folder structure of your webspace. You can create a HTML navigation page using hyperlinks that point to pages in your webspace.
  • Our web server is not a development/testing environment for CGI scripts. Please do not abuse that privilege.
  • You can password protect access to particular hosted materials. Contact the Web Administrator for details.
  • Mailing Lists can extend learning outside the classroom or facilitate email communication among groups of individuals with a common interest. To start a mailing list, use our mailing list request form.
  • Blackboard assists faculty who wish to develop online curriculum for distance education or to supplement the face-to-face classroom environment.For more information contact the TLC staff at x5030.