About Network Drives

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About sharing files across the Cabrillo College network

When a user logs in to the Campus Network on a staff PC using their Staff-Domain login, they should automatically be "Mapped" to a number of Network Drives that securely hold their business related files:

M:Your "home drive" network drive folder (No Mp3's if you please).
O:Your Division* folder, (Your department's folder will be inside this folder). This is Private to members of your Divison\Department Only.
P:The Campus "Public" drive. Only department members can write files to their department's "Public" folder, but all staff users can read these files.
T:The "T" or "7-Day-Temp" drive. Temporary storage, accessible by all users, all files are automatically deleted after 7 Days.

In Addition, certain users may also see these Drives Mapped to their PC:

I:The Instruction "O" Drive, for Instructional Divisions and VP's Only.
N:Folks working in more than one "Division" may have an "N" drive.
S:The "S", or "Shared" drive. For special projects or Cross-Divisional file sharing. Access is by invitation only.

*In this context, "Division" refers to either a "Component", such as President, Business Office, Student Services, Instruction, or a "Division", such as HASS, HWPEA, or BELA.

File Sharing Note: while we have file-sharing functionality through the use of the "S" dive, we encourage Cabrillo faculty and staff to use Google Drive (a.k.a. Google Docs) for any file sharing between Cabrillo employees. There are various benefits to doing so, the primary of which is the ability to share and view files from off-campus. 

Attached below is a Word document with more detail regarding network drives. 

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Jun 12, 2012, 4:03 PM