Generic Network Accounts

posted Jun 12, 2012, 4:13 PM by Unknown user

How to securely share important files with temporary workers

Occasionally, an office needs some temporary, part-time or student help working with College-related files. In the past, under the old Novell Network, this need was met by using "Generic" accounts such as U-BELA, or U-Assess, and allowing temp users access to the department's "O" drive. Because of our continuing need to improve security for business-related files we have restricted the use of the Generic accounts; they no longer are granted access to the department's "O" drive, but only to their individual "M" drive. In order to share files with temp or student workers using the "U-Generic" logins users must copy the files into the generic users "M" drive on the staff file server "SOL".

Shortcuts to the Generic users "M" drives should be set up for you on all the O drives on the server. If you do not see the shortcuts contact the helpdesk to get access to your generic users "M" drive.