Blocking Junk Fax Telemarketers

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How to Block Fax Calls

The FCC rules prohibit unsolicited fax advertisements (under most circumstances). In general, to stop unwanted fax advertisements, you must make an “opt-out” request which must:

  • identify the fax number or numbers to which it relates; and
  • be sent to the telephone number, fax number, Web site address, or e-mail address identified on the fax advertisement.

If you change your mind about receiving fax advertisements, you can subsequently grant express permission to receive faxes from a particular sender, orally or in writing.

This won't necessarily stop the faxes - especially if they are scammers deliberately violating the law, but it does give you the right to sue them.  So, if that didn't work, what's next?

Try to Identify the Sender

  1. Try a Google search of any of the phone numbers on the fax, such as the sending number (if it is present), the respond-to number or removal-me number.
  2. Check whether the FCC has already received complaints about the fax
    Click here to visit Telecommunications Consumers Division - Unsolicited Faxes and search for the title of the fax in the search box on that page.
  3. See if this Junk Fax website has identified the fax:
    click here to search the Junk Fax Index
  4. Trap  the call - After you receive a junk fax, immediately dial *57. Note the date and time on the fax. You can call the police to report harassing phone calls or call the phone company to do the same and require them to start monitoring your line for more calls. Once the phone company tells you the number,  you have to find the owner of the number.  See this website for more information.
  5. Call the Remove-me number and match the response against the table below. ss doing an excellent job of helping to identify junk faxers.  See this page for their current source information of the examples in the table below.

Remove-me number

If the removal Recording starts with something like this ...



"thank you for calling the fax removal hotline. Enter the 10 digit telephone you wished to have removed. Press the # key when finished."Protus.MP3

Protus IP Solutions

888 217 8253

"You have reached the fax number removal line. Starting with the area code, please dial your 10 digit fax number"

Protus IP Solutions


"Please enter the 10 digit fax number you wish to have removed from our list followed by the # sign"

Concord Technologies


"Please listen carefully and select from one of the following..."

To be identified


"Hello. If we have sent you a fax in error, please press 1 to remove your number..."

CF Services, LLC*


"To be removed from our list, please enter your 3 digit area code and 7 digit fax number. Please do not enter a 1 before the area code."

Ellipsis, Inc.


"to be removed from our list, please enter your 3 digit area code and 7 digit fax number. please do not enter a 1 before the area code."

To be identified


at least 3 variations: "welcome to the fax removal system. To remove your fax number, please enter your 10 digit fax number including the area code." alternates with "you have reached the fax removal number. if you no longer wish to receive our faxes, ...." and "welcome to the toll free fax number removal service. to have your fax number removed, ..."
(note: they dial numbers from the database)
Headers are modified each time to make them look different and they use multiple removal recordings, changing the voices frequently.
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