Use IP Faxing

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About IP Faxing

IP faxing replaces traditional fax machines. You can send a fax right from your computer (Mac or PC).

Note: Internet Explorer 11 is not supported at this time. 

How to use the IP fax system

  1. To use the IP fax system: Just type the word "fax" or into your web browser.
  2. When prompted for a login, enter your staff account information. Example:
    Username: jadoe
    Password: *****
  3. The "Compose" button is in the top left of the web page. Fill out all of the required information.
  4. On the  "Sender and Company Information" tab, change personal info if you want to.
  5. On the "Compose" tab, Enter the fax number:
    LOCAL FAX use seven digits: XXXXXXX (do not include 831)
    LONG DISTANCE FAX use eleven digits: 1XXXXXXXXXX (include 1 + area code + 7 digits)
    NOTE: No four digit faxing and no dashes or special characters
  6. attach any document from your computer or the network to be included in your fax. Click “Submit” at the top.

About using the fax server

All staff or faculty on campus can send faxes from their computer and attach any documents from their computer or the network. For receiving faxes, you can have any fax number (new or old) directed to a network printer. You don't need a fax machine at all! (The only reason to require the use of a fax machine is if original signature documents are being sent.  And even then you can scan the document and then fax it.) This new technology is our new campus standard and is being used very effectively every day.

Besides simple convenience, the benefits include:
  • saving space (don't need room for an extra piece of equipment).
  • saving money (don't need to buy paper, toner, and repairs for fax machine).
  • helping the environment.
  • freeing networks port for phones, computers, printers, etc.