Smart Board Do's and Don'ts and FAQ's

As the Smart Boards are very new for the college, the IT department is also in the process of learning about the Smart Boards. If you or one of your colleagues discovers a new handy trick for the Smart Board, or discovers something difficult, please do not hesitate to let the HelpDesk know:
  • Email us:
  • Call us: 479-6392 or ext6392
  • Please do not use any markers, dry erase or otherwise, on the Smart Board. The only writing implement that should be used is the Smart Board "pens" or your fingers while using the touch sensitivity capabilities.
  • It's flu season and I don't want to touch a Smart Board other people have been touching. Do I use any special cleaners for the board?
    • Yes. Please use an Ammonia Free Windex cleaner to clean the Smart Boards. The remote keyboard and pens can be cleaned with regular anti-bacterial wipes
  • Why is the USB port on the front of the board not working?
    • Many of the Smart Boards are experiencing this same issue. The IT department is aware of the issue and is working on a solution. For now, please use the USB port on the PC on the back of the Smart Board trolley.
  • How do I turn the Smart Board on?
    1. Turn on the projector using the large gray power button on the shelf on the front of the board. It will be on the far left.
    2. Go to the back of the Smart Board trolley and turn on the PC tower on the back.
  • How Do I turn the Smart Board off?
    1. The initial shut down of a Smart Board is exactly like a PC, go to the START menu in the bottom left corner and choose Shut Down.
    2. Once the PC has shut down and the SMART logo is on the board, press the power button on the front of the board twice.
      • If you turn off the projector before you shut down the PC, you will not be able to see how to shut down the PC.
  • Can I use the Smart Board to display my personal laptop?
    • Yes -however, while the Smart Board will display your personal device, the Smart Board features will not be available. The software that operates the Smart Board is licensed and is installed only on the PC that operates it.
  • How do I raise or lower the Smart Board?
    • On the left hand side of the board you will find a green toggle that will raise and lower the board.
Helpful links:
The IT department has made a short How To video for the Smart Board.