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Cabrillo College has activated new virus and junk mail protection services.

Postini, Cabrillo’s current Email SPAM/Security Filtering service, is being retired by Google. Therefore, we are transitioning to an alternate system. Cabrillo’s new Email Security Filtering service is Proofpoint Essentials.

Proofpoint accounts have been created for everyone who has a ‘@cabrillo.edu’ Email account. To access your Proofpoint account (and to manage your Proofpoint Email filtering settings) you will need to create a new password. Use a complex password, but DO NOT use your existing Cabrillo network password.

Proofpoint will operate in a similar fashion to what Cabrillo Email users experienced with the Postini Filtering service - users will receive a daily Quarantine Report, can customize their Filters, and can customize their settings.

Additional Information and Resources:

You should log in to your personal, password-protected Cabrillo College Proofpoint Portal as soon as possible. 

To change your password, at any time, visit the Cabrillo Proofpoint Portal page, click on "Forgot your password?", and follow the directions:  https://us1.proofpointessentials.com/